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Survey suggest British women are among the most sexually active in the Western World

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The results of a relatively recent survey in Britain have led to announcements that Brits, in particular young female ones, are amongst the most sexually active or ‘promiscuous’ (depending on your perspective) in the world.

The survey of 2,000 young people by the magazine More has apparently found that young British women have more one-night stands than their peers in Australia, France, the Netherlands, Italy and America.

It seems that traditional perceptions have been routed and young women in their 20s now have more sexual partners than their male counterparts.

The new survey found that the average 21-year-old woman has had nine sexual partners, compared with men who on average have had seven and a quarter of the women questioned poll had slept with over 10 people, compared with a fifth of men.

These women also admitted that they were not always faithful to their partners with half confessing to one incident, whereas a quarter had been cheated on by a boyfriend.

The survey also revealed that many women take ‘huge risks’ with 38% admitting they do not use a condom with a new partner and 16% having caught a sexually transmitted disease — which has highlighted issues concerning sexual health with many young women.

Most respondents say their sex life was not fulfilling enough — 13% are ‘disappointed’ and a further 10% admitting it was non-existent.

The survey also revealed that few young women now adhere to traditional views on sexual morality and few were prepared to wait to be married before having sex and most had lost their virginity by age 16.

Many were not in love with their first partner, and only one in three believes it is important to be in love with someone before having sex with them.

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The survey also found that 60% would be prepared to “kiss-and-tell”, and would sell their account of a one-night-stand with a famous person for £ 20,000 and four out of 10 said they would marry for money or sleep with their boss if it meant they would get promoted; a quarter would have an affair with a married man.

According to the survey, the average young woman has sex three times a week but five times a week would be preferable.

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April 23rd, 2010 at 7:45 am

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