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Transsexual beauty pageant crowns winner

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Special to The Canadian

On May 7th, the transsexual beauty pageant of Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2010 started in Thailand. This was the 13th year of this competition, and 28 Thai local transsexual beauties took part in it.

In the end it was Nalada Thamthanakorn, a 20-year-old university student, who won the crown.

The “Queen” has just finished “her” transsexual operation on only upper part of the body now. “She” felt so happy and proud to crown Miss Tiffan’s Universe because this was her dream for all the time.

According to Nalada, entering circle of acting is her dream since she was a little one, and winning Miss Tiffan’s Universe 2010 will be a good start for her.

She also said that the decision of being a transsexual was drove by her mind of “wanting to be a woman”, not just imitating others, and certainly her parents could not accept it at the beginning, but they still would like to understand her. Now, since they have learned what’s in her mind, they started to support her.

As described on the blog of Lady Boy painter John McCart:

“Tiffany’s holds two annual contests, one for local talent, Miss Tiffany’s Universe, and the other, Miss International Queen, open to international contestants, though not always run in Thailand. The winners of the local competition will have the opportunity to compete for the international contest. One of the pageant‘s main missions is to promote awareness and education about AIDS and HIV.

Thailand reputedly has the most beautiful transvestites and transsexuals in the world, some of whom are so stunning you would be hard pressed to realize that they are, in fact, male. Miss Tiffany’s Universe contest provides variety and spectacle in an otherwise relatively dull period between tourist seasons.”

Watch Video of Performer singing I AM What I Am while changing from boy to Girl

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