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Toronto Police outed for assault and molestation at G20

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Special to The Canadian

In the video below, journalist Amy Miller describes how women arrested by Toronto police were threatened with rape, that numerous women were strip-searched by male officers and that one severely traumatized woman was sexually molested by police who stuck their fingers up her vagina.

“I was told I was going to be gang banged. I was told that I was never going to want to act as a journalist again by making sure I was going to be repeatedly raped while I was in jail,” she said.

Sexual penetration of an individual against their will is called rape. If these reports are accurate, and there’s no reason to think otherwise given everything else we’ve witnessed not only over the past few days but over the past several years in Canada, Toronto police officers are not only brutal thugs who like to lie about the law, unlawfully arrest people, snatch and grab protesters using unmarked cars, and beat up journalists from major newspapers, but they are also rapists who prey on innocent women.

We have now learned that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair engaged in mass public deception by lying about the claim that Toronto’s “Public Works Act” mandated G20 protesters to show their ID. The law doesn’t exist, it was never passed. The police officers who cited this law when arresting Charlie Veitch were knowingly engaging in wrongful arrest and should be sued.

Likewise, the goons who brutally molested women Abu-Ghraib style need to be identified and prosecuted. Miller should seek out the victims and bring charges against those involved, and not allow these monsters to cover-up their shameful behavior.

UPDATE: We have now learned that four journalists, including Miller, have “filed complaints with Ontario’s police watchdog, with allegations that police physically assaulted or threatened to sexually assault the females when they were arrested during the Toronto G20 summit.”

In addition, Guardian journalist Jesse Rosenfeld has spoken publicly of his ordeal at the hands of G20 police.

“I was grabbed on each side and hit in the stomach and back and pounced on by officers. I kept asking them why they were beating me because I wasn’t resisting arrest. But they lifted my leg and twisted my ankle,” said Rosenfield.

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June 30th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

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  1. It is amazing how people cry where is this supposed woman that was violated? what is her name? this woman here was not molested not violated she interfered with police that were arresting other people the police had no choice but to arrest her and I’m sure she knew that I like to think that people are not that stupid If she has a beef file a claim don’t try to spread rumours and innuendo I bet this woman is not from Toronto probably another person from Quebec they must think we are real daft to buy there bs. So how many people died? Oh yeh that’s right no one did. How many broken bones? Oh yeh none well when you look at other countries we pulled this off great so get on with your life and focus on important issues. They put themselves in spots that were escalated and sit back and cry why?


    10 Sep 10 at 3:31 am

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