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Security Perimeter: Canadians ponder legal action in Quebec courts against Harper’s legal conspiracy

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by Paul Gingras

A group of Canadians currently identifying themselves as the “Group of 12″ claims that they are contemplating class action litigation against the Security Perimter Agreement in Quebec Civil Courts.  Could the legality of the Agreement be ultimately decided in the Supreme Court of Canada [photo above], in our nation’s capital?

The “Group of 12″ is made up of lawyers, intellectuals and self-descriped activists, and is without a formal leader.  Instead this group is operating in what could be described as a cooperative fashion.

The grounds for their prospective “class action” legal claim against the Harper government, and what they also describe as their “accomplices” in Parliament, is that the Security Perimeter (i) violates the Constitution Act, 1867; (ii) the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (iii) constitutes treason, and a breach of the fiduciary obligation of the Harper government to defend the best interests of Canadians, (iv) and parliamentary law that is also related to Canadian constitutional customs and conventions.

The Constitution Act, 1867 established the Confederation of Canada, and de facto, Canada’s sovereignty from the United States, which was disregarded by Harper’s treaty with Obama that will result in no effective border between Canada and the United States.

Along with ‘no border’, the Agreement effectively cancels out ‘parliamentary supremacy’ with a return to colonial status for Canada under U.S. laws and security arrangements.

According to the “Group of 12″, the Agreement also constitutes a breach of ’freedom of conscience’ and legal rights of Canadians guaranteed by the Charter to the extent to which the Agreement will now require Canadians to be subjected to the ”Big Br0ther” jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The “Group of 12″ also argues that the Harper government also had a legal obligation for to subject the full wording of the Agreement to parliamentary hearings and full public scrutiny under Canada’s customs and conventions; and that the Harper government is also in breach of his Oath to Her Majesty the Queen of Canada to defend the sovereignty of Canada, and inherent constitutional obligations.

The “Group of 12″ says that Canadians should by no means rely on them as “their saviour” – all Canadians must participate in the saving of our country.  The “Group of 12″ encourages other Canadians to contemplate their own legal rights and access to courts and says that a nation is only as strong as the willingness to the people themselves to defend their own community from alien control or foreign conquest.

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February 9th, 2011 at 6:15 pm

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3 Responses to 'Security Perimeter: Canadians ponder legal action in Quebec courts against Harper’s legal conspiracy'

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  1. A real solution everyone against the North American Union agenda should get behind and support. Any additional information about this group of 12 would be greatly appreciated.

    Vive Le Canada!


    14 Feb 11 at 6:28 pm

  2. I fully support this endeavor and as soon as I have any disposable cash I will make a donation. Your work is an inspiration to Canadians.



    erik snyder

    24 Feb 11 at 8:22 pm

  3. 1- The Supreme Court of Canada is appointed by the same traitors who are taking down Canada. In 1998, the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Antonio Lamer (now deceased) unanmiously overthrew the Constitution, making secession supreme over the formerly supreme Constitution.

    2- That event in 1998 was triggered (set up) by conman and lawyer GUY BERTRAND who started the scam to get a phony amendment to “secede” with his 1995 court action, which he and our corrupt media sold to us as BERTRAND’s attempt to save Canada by stopping the 1995 referendum. A second group of plaintiffs initiated similar proceedings in Montreal, that is, they copy-catted the GUY BERTRAND “proceeding” which — as a matter of legal fact — is NOT law, is NOT a legal proceeding, and is nothing but a SHAM intended as a front to get an illegal “declaration” from a Judge that the Contitution of Canada MUST BE AMENDED TO PERMIT QUEBEC TO “SECEDE”.

    3- There were at least two corrupt Superior Court of Quebec judges involved in the 1995 BERTRAND scam, (1) Judge Robert Lesage, now retired and working freelance for our usurper governments in various commissions and inquiries; (2) Judge Robert Pidgeon, who is now ASSOCIATE CHIEF JUSTICE, which proves that helping overthrow Canada can pave your career path.

    4- The current CHIEF JUSTICE of the SUPERIOR COURT OF QUEBEC, where plaintiffs would have to institute proceedings is François Rolland. Chief Justice François Rolland joined the Quebec Bar in 1975 and practiced as a lawyer with the firm Martineau Walker (now Fasken, Martineau, Dumoulin), of which be became a partner in 1983. However, the Chief Justice’s FORMER LAW form is ON SALARY BY THE QUEBEC GOVERNMENT as co-counsel DEFENDING a statutory UDI issued in Quebec back on 13 December 2000, which is a major embarassment for the usurper “government,” as having DECLARED UDI, in the form of a statute, they hardly have grounds to rope the public into yet another referendum to ask permission to declare UDI. The case of the UDI is being ham-handedly prosecuted by lawyer Brent Tyler and McGill law professor Stephen Allan Scott, neither of whom — according to the file, which I have studied for years — knows much about Quebec civil procedure. They do know, however, that this thing is a UDI, but because of the dramatic LEGAL CONSEQUENCES of having a court declare it a UDI, they are approaching it tongue-in-cheek and wink-wink, and basically begging any cooperative judge to “read it down” for them — although to do so violates all the rules of reading down, also known as judicial “severance” — which means a judge will be nice enough to declare that unconstitutional provisions are NULL and VOID. However, past a certain point, reading down is impossible, and a declaration of nullity is therefore impossible. The UDI IS BEING DEFENDED BY THE CHIEF JUSTICE’S FORMER LAW FIRM ON SALARY FROM THE QUEBEC usurping GOVERNMENT that passed the UDI. The case is Henderson et al v. AG Quebec, filed 10 May 2001 (S.C. 500 05-065031-013
    Quebec (Procureur general) c Henderson, 220 D.L.R. (4th) 691, [2002] R.J.Q. 2435, 2002 CarswellQue 1711, J.E. 2002-1672, REJB 2002-33374 (C.S. Que. Aug 16, 2002).

    5- There is no chance of a BRICK flying through a window in hell of any plaintiff instituting valid proceedings in a Quebec Superior Court and having those proceedings proceed to a positive conclusion. Moreover, there is much less chance of plaintiffs finding a lawyer or a law firm that is NOT BOUGHT OFF by the current system that has been in place for decades, and whose bottom line is not dependent on the corporporate multinationals who long ago took over our governments.

    6- In conclusion, this is why, for nearly 6-1/2 years now, I have done nothing 7 days a week and day and night but learn CONSTITUTIONAL law in order to BEAT corrupt system at its own game, and get my foot in the door and take them down before they know what hit them. I therefore don’t need a crooked lawyer, I know most of the judges to watch out for, I know what procedure to use to get past the gate, I know who to watch out for at the registry desk of the courthouse and how to avoid them, and I have plan A and plan B in place; I can take them down with one sentence on a single sheet of paper and stop the whole annexation in an emergency; or, I can take down the whole crooked system with a complete proceeding. I have legal background from years of working for lawyers, so I have a foundation. And I am an HONOURS Liberal Arts student who had to write essays and take interviews to be accepted into a 20-student special classroom when I attended University for the first time in my late 20s.

    I know what I am doing, and your erstwhile plaintiffs are barking up ALL THE WRONG TREES. The CHARTER is void, it was a scam by Trudeau to Europeanize Canada with the new world government justice system known as COMMUNITARIAN LAW, which SUBJECTS individual rights to reduction via laws of government rubber-stamped as “reasonable” by judges; the Charter was unlawfully added to the “patriation” of the amending formula in 1980; the method used to CONDUCT this amendment was fraudulent and illegal, and both Trudeau and the UK knew it. In constitutional law, there is no such thing as a doctrine of laches; that means there is no limitation or stale-date on your chance of getting an unconstitutional law or amendment JUDICIALLY VOIDED. The Charter is VOID, it’s EU law, it gives us LESS than the Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement which the SOVEREIGN is bound to guarantee to us by virtue of the Coronation Oath. The Charter needs to be thrown out, not invoked.

    Even if you hired a lawyer or a law firm to do this thing for you, they could take steps that you think look right, but you would NEVER KNOW what they are really doing, whom they are dealing with under the table, and you would end up LOSING and giving the criminals on our Supreme Court the opportunity to make some malignant declaration that would bury Canada.

    All that said, I haven’t even scratched the SURFACE. I haven’t told you about the corrupt ONTARIO Judges who helped create the Clarity Act to destroy Canada. I could go on and on. Instead,please visit my web site and read my GROUNDS page, and my STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. And visit FACEBOOK and view my VIDEOS and WALL DISCUSSIONS.

    There are lawyers out there who know how to DESIGN AND FILE cases TO LOSE, and they do it precisely because LOSING is what they want to do. LOSING can make a point of law as well as winning. If your plaintiffs feel they can control their lawyers, which means they KNOW THE LAW well enough to do so, and can control courts appointed by the very people they are trying to bring down… wow… then I admire you.

    Kathleen Moore
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union



    You can always support THIS LEGAL CHALLENGE, by ME, uncorrupted by law firms or government contracts, by sending PayPal to:



    Kathleen Moore

    4 Mar 11 at 3:44 am

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