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Libyan War: Cancer-causing U.S. “coalition” bombs reign terror on local populations

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Canadian MP’s are Complicit in Crimes Against Humanity

by Connie Fogal

Today I read in a local small paper that the vote in our Parliament for Canada to “invade” Libya was UNANIMOUS. So much for an existence of any humanitarian in our Parliament! Hiding behind the euphemism of a no fly zone while you dump depleted uranium is still invasion.

As with the Croation/ Serbian invasion by Canada, so with Libya, each and every Canadian Parliamentarian has blood on his/her hands. They have a blot indelibly scarred into their foreheads behind which their brains have shrivelled and their hearts have scorched as if in sympathetic reaction to the effects of the depleted uranium they are now dropping on the Libyans and the Middle East .
They are committing crimes against humanity.

To watch our Prime Minister gloating about collateral damage with a face full of pompous arrogance and savage delight in running with the “big boys” was sickening. And now a unanimous parliament!!

I will never understand nor condone the weakness at best and the evil at worst of each and every elected representative at whatever level of government who fails us and all of humanity so miserably; who is so incapable of facing the truth; who is so unwilling to confront the power of the world. They are not only useless to us, useless to the world, and useless to themselves, they are agents for the criminals.

It is time for the mass to emerge moving in unison, silent, peaceful to take back Parliament by mental and emotional energy in a surge of spiritual power!

One thing is certain. Any one of us who votes this coming federal election for any incumbent member or party will be complicit by that vote in perpetrating crimes against humanity.

Even though our electoral system has deteriorated to being the instrument that delivers us to the evil powers of the world, and so long as that system is still in place, we still must not refuse to vote. We must seek out any independent or candidate for any party currently not represented in Parliament, provided that candidate commits to an end to participation in war, an end to servility to the USA, and a refusal to accept or promote the New World Order. That effort will energize the general consciousness propelling us to a noble way of being- a way of love, compassion, and peace.

Here is a specific way to be doing something. No need for any mass organization. Just each of us listening to and following our inner guidance; each of us saying no in the myriad of ways, from no to a vote for incumbent parties to no to the infiltrators who will try to co-opt our heart and mind.

Our conscience remains the guide. Our parliamentarians have abandoned theirs. But, their consciences can be salvaged! We can catalyze the good in not only our own souls, but theirs

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March 24th, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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